NEWS 11.11.21 - Kundun & Lemuria, new characters wait for you!



God Mu News

We Update our Server!
All Bugs/Issues after Season17 Part 1-3 UPDATE were fixed.
*Open Launcher to Auto-Update your Server.

We will add Events during Week for Active Players
You can wait for news during this Week.

*More Invasions
*More Ruud
*More Coin
*More Fun

Also, we added a Promotion for Donners.
Promo will last until christmas End.
You donate and receive a special prize.

Mini Pack 25$ --> Receive 250.000 Ruud or 2.500 Credits FREE
Medium Pack 50$ --> Receive 600.000 Ruud or 6.000 Credits FREE
Bigger Pack 100$ --> Receive 1.500.000 Ruud or 15.000 Credits or Ice Dragon Mount
GOD Pack 200$ --> Receive 2.500.000 Ruud or 25.000 Credits or Ryan Mount Blue or Mastery Ertell KIT Unique MAX FREE
GIFT Pack 300$ --> Receive 5.000.000 Ruud or 50.000 Credits or Ryan Mount GOLD or Mastery Penta + Mastery Ertell KIT Unique MAX FREE
GET 2 GIFT PACK OF 300$ (600$ TOTAL) and get all prizes together --> Ruud + Credits + Ryan Gold + Mastery Penta/Ertells

Read more 18/12/2021
[25/11/2021] - UPDATE 2.0 - GODMU Read more
Currently this is only one server.