NEWS 28.02.20 - Slayer The new female charcters based on Knight / Vampire class awaits you NEWS 28.02.20 - New character available LEVEL 1!


Update [Regular Fixes]

God Mu News

Majory Bugs found in our server was fixed in this first week.
We are glad to tell you guys that our TO-DO-LIST are 100% completed.

Please, remember to report all issues to us.
Its very important to receive feedback from players, that make us work faster.

This update is apply right now and you guys need only open MU again via launcher to auto-update.
Thanks for patient and lets play GODMU =)


- Fixed Reset website problem (Slayer+SM losing pentagram) (NEED TEST!)
- Fixed special scenario of client crash when opening cash shop
- Fixed Game Server crash
- Fixed LAG issue in server
- Fixed Launcher not closing after open game
- Fixed Items of Slayer not droping after picked-up
- Fixed errors in Actual Guides
- Updated the Feather lvl2 DROP
- Updated some PvM Classes with wrong damage
- Updated Zen for Reset InGame to 1m (max 100m not 500m anymore) '/reset'
- Added Goblin Point for online time (1 GP every 30s active)
- Added Sir Lesnar in Lorencia
- Added NPC BOLDO with all Skills in Lorencia
- Added Ruud Guide in Website

Read more 24/12/2019
21/12/2019 Update [Hotfix]
21/12/2019 GodMU S15 X1000 Opening 20 December
Currently this is only one server.